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VEN (벤) feat. BEENZINO (빈지노) - 너의 몸에 벤

@Khunnie0624: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋfunny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ @0430yes @taeccool have you seen this??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #미친거아니야 pic.twitter.com/w3WkhNbohhTranslated by 2PMAlways

There is a lot of information going around about helping kpop groups for international fans. However, it’s too much information. 
Here we gathered the most basic information and things that are easy to do. Some of them are just one click away.
1. Watch the MV on Youtube.
The information about this is a bit unclear.
There is a consensus that refresh/watch again will not count your view more than once even if you click a 100 times. So don’t refresh/play again. 
And here information varies:
- Some people recommend typing 2PM GO CRAZY MV on search bar.
- Others recommend navigating on INCOGNITO WINDOW or deleting computer/YT cookies. 
- others prefer to add the MVs to a playlist and played it on the loop. 
In doubt, open an incognito window and type 2PM GO CRAZY MV every time you want to watch it.  Other people created playlists, so you can try that also. 
AND REMEMBER TO LIKE AND COMMENT. Those actions also count. 
2. Buy the album legally
International fans can do very little about digital copies.
However, the site SORIBADA in English counts for digital charts. It’s unclear if they will release GO CRAZY.  But if they do, make sure you help 2PM (will let you know if they do). 
ITUNES won’t count for Korean digital charts. But it’s really important that 2PM reasserts their popularity in other countries. 
During Grown, Dispatch considered 2pm the 4th boy group of 2013. Read HERE 
And they achieved this with the help from itunes sales from places such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan. So make sure to support the album again on ITUNES.

About physical albums, the following stores count for HANTEO charts:
KTWOWN4U (ex DVD Heaven) / YesAsia / KpopTown 

There is also a joint purchase project made by a 2pm union. Visit go crazy website to see more details. The english details are under NOTICE > ENGLISH. This option is a really viable possibility if you find other buyers in your country. Sharing EMS really lowers the price. So please check it out with them and find someone to buy together with you! Way cheaper than sites and you still help Hanteo/Gaon charts. 

This same Union is receiving donations to help fans to purchase the album digitally and help 2pm to reach the charts. 
For donations: oyudong@hanmail.net (donation via paypal). 
After the donation you just go the site GO CRAZY and leave them a message with your email/donation/etc on DONATION section. Since they didn’t give us a password, just type whatever. 

So make sure you support them how you can! 

3. Help 2PM win SNS POINTS on twitter

Some music shows (and numbers that will vary from one another) use SNS POINTS. Which means we can help 2PM on Korean broadcasts with twitter (and youtube on some cases). 
10 retweets = 1sns point
So tweet a lot. But also remember to retweet people that used the hashtags. 
Make sure to retweet your friends, but also go in the tag to find tweets that need to reach the 10th RT. 
Make sure to include the hashtags #투피엠 #미친거아니야 in your tweets. But attention: 
- Don’t use hashtags at the start or the end of your sentences
- If you retweet - Don’t quote. Use automatic RT. 
- Use them separately. Example: My lovely dorks #투피엠 are back with #미친거아니야 OMG. I love it. 
- Attention with typos: It’s #미친거아니야 (please keep the right name in a file so you can have easy access).

4. Search for 2PM 미친거아니야 on Korean most important portals
It’s just a click away. 
So we don’t lose time clicking all day, let’s make sure we click when 2pm performs in music shows or tv appearances. Let’s advertise 2pm is back! 
Just click on the words below (make sure you refresh the page every now otherwise it loses its effects).
5. Retweet/share/click on news about 2PM's comeback 
International recognition is also important. So share everything sites like ALLKPOP, SOOMPI AND KOREABOO post about 2pm. Use twitter, facebook and other platforms. Be loud!!!

6. Ignore haters/negativity/trolls
This one is more a suggestion. When 2PM is back, a lot of people try to make it about gossip and bad things. Just ignore them. Trolls love it when you give them attention. Just pretend they don’t exist and they will go away. Especially on sites that are all about gossip and post nothing positive about 2PM. 
Instead, let’s spend our time listening to music and having fun or helping this comeback.
There will be a lot of polls 2PM will need us, so let’s not waste our time. 
Hottests fighting! Go crazy! 

Fanarts by artichokky of LEAL2PM ♡

I wish I could do more than write a small text, but this is the best way I found to pay a tribute to these two amazing entertainers. 
This week might be one of the saddest weeks of the year. When someone passes away, it always get me questioning a lot of things about life, but when young people leave this world, it’s different. People always say that “only the good ones die young” and this proves it right. I’m sure these two young ladies brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people, and this won’t stop here, their work, their dedication, their talent will live on. The good memories will overshadow the sadness and like this, they will live forever in our hearts. I’m sure that the sky is shining brighter now.

Once again I’d like to tell that my heart goes out to their families, their friends, their fans and their group mates. I’d like to wish them all the strength necessary to overcome this.  #RipRise #RipEunB 

today, heaven gained another beautiful angel. you were too young, too talented, too amazing to leave us. in your short time on this earth, you have brought smiles to so many faces and made many people happy with your beauty, talent and personality. you fought so hard these last few days, but you are in a better place now. rest in peace, kwon risae 1991 - 2014. you will be missed.