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~barbara. 960318. from brazil. socially awkward. this is a multifandom blog.
hardcore 4nia tho, reason wae my ultimate bias is Jjiroong -- learning korean but it still sucks. sometimes i like making gifs but photoshop hates me so they are not very nice. -- aah yeah, i have a BIGSTAR blog, please visit and follow.
La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas.

iu jammin to the end of ‘see you on friday’ - for pilsuks


KIM PHIL / KIM FEEL (김필) - 얼음요새

Original by DEAR CLOUD (디어클라우드) 

to my ultimate bias forever, jeon jiyoon:

i love you so so so so much!!!  i remember when i saw my first 4minute video, i thought you were the coolest and most awesome person i had ever seen in my entire life…it was love at first sight!!!!  you’re my absolute favorite and i’ll always admire you for your talent, passion, kindness, intelligence, charisma, and your amazing personality.  i hope the next year is full of only good and happy things and that you have a safe and happy birthday!!!!  i love you my baby!!!!!!!


kkwonsso_4m: #happyJIYOONday ㅋㅋㅋ

Happy Birthday to our lovely Jiyoon. I hope you had an awesome year and in the future you’ll happy and healthy. I love you.


kkwonsso_4m: happy B day~~ #jiyoon 생일축하해 지윤언니~~~~~~

15/10/14 - #happyjiyoonday

141015 Hyuna instagram update

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